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How To Make Your Purchase

Purchase Options:
    We accept orders for sculptures that are in-stock directly from our easy order form.

    Ordering items that are not in stock is considered a custom commission and executable under those terms.

    If you wish to take the fast-track to a purchase an in-stock item, use the easy order form. For those comfortable with Ebay Online Auctions, you may request a public or private auction on the order form. A private auction is your opportunity to place the winning bid at a negotiated price using the "Buy It Now feature".

    If a sculpture is currently listed on Ebay, we cannot sell it directly from our web site. You must place the winning bid on Ebay to purchase the item.

    Escrow accounts are acceptable for large works and high dollar values. The buyer is responsible for all costs associated with the escrow account.

Payment Options: Shipping Terms
    The buyer is responsible for all packing, shipping and insurance charges associated with the sale.

    We welcome sales from around the world, provided the payment and shipping terms are met.

    We reserve the right to withhold shipment until the funds have cleared and are guaranteed.

    All Shipments are F.O.B., from Morrison Colorado.
If you have questions regarding our terms or if you wish to negotiate a sale please contact us.
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