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Marvin Laber Worldwide accepts custom orders for sculpture from the miniature to the monumental. Let us know where it has to go and we will make it to fit.
  • Miniatures
  • Wall Sculpture
  • Outdoor Sculpture
  • Desktop Sculpture
  • Public Sculpture
  • Life-size Sculpture
  • Larger Than Life
  • Monumental Sculpture
  • Custom Installations

How To Commission Custom Artwork and Sculpture

So you have searched and either the piece you wanted was sold already or you are interested in having a custom commission done for you. Well, you are at the right place. From this very page you can start the process that brings your artistic visions to life.

In three simple steps you can custom order sculpture of any sport in any size from the miniature to the monumental. It is easy to get a quote, simply complete the form below.
Don't be afraid of our form, you are not obligated in any way, and we pledge to respect and protect your privacy. If you would rather send a simple message, you can send us email at

Custom Order form

NOTE: * Indicates a required field.
1 Your Contact Information
City:   State:   Zip:
Phone:*   Fax:
--Please include country code if outside the us.--
2 Your Order Information
Item: If ordering an edition, cast or replica please provide the sculpture's name or the web page you saw it on:
Use Please describe the sculpture size, placement location or how you intend to use the sculpture. (i.e. Wall Sculpture, Shelf Sculpture, Public Sculpture...)
Size: Please provide the desired measurements of the sculpture. (i.e. Must fit on a 16" deep shelf with 12" vertical space.)
Details: Please provide all details, specifications, special requests and comments you have on the piece.
3 Review and Send
Please take a moment to review your information and click send!

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